Finally Wizkid set to release his album SFTOS June 9, 2017, anticipate.

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (born 16 July 1990), better known by his stage name Wizkid, has been a household name, damn even my one year old baby starting speaking with the word “Wizkid” in his mouth, yes that’s how much i listen to him, and just like a rolling stone accrues mud round it so has Wizkid grown drastically.

A Quick Fact about this Young Lad (Don’t be decived his about 26 now, doubt? see date for up – skipper)

He started his musical career at age 11, releasing a collaborative album with Glorious Five entitled Lil Prinz (2001), later in 2009 he was signed up with Banky W’s Record Label Empire Mates. It would be remembered that under this record Label Wizkid released two studio albums, that is his Debut Album Superstar and his Second Album titled Ayo. Sources – (Wikipedia)

But why are you reading this?… You heard it Wizkid is poised to release his third studion album titled “Sound From the Other Side” (- from which side self, left or right- the title makes me remember that voodoo cartoon about a prince and his poor girlfriend change to frog by a voodoo man, the voodoo man called the spirits friends from the other side, Remember?). But in reality the world and Nigeria especially has been widely anticipating this history making Album of all time.

(Fun Facts – On April 5, 2016, Wizkid became Nigeria’s first artist to emerge on Billboard’s Twitter Last 24 hours chart following his guest feature on Drake’s “One Dance” single, which charted at number 21. On May 12, 2016, the song reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.)

FACTS ABOUT THE ALBUM ( If you like check links to comfirm)

Wizkid first announced that he was working on a new album during his visit to London in October 2014. Yes thats just around two years ago. Making the album a real banger, imagin working on a single album for two years there is indeed much to expect. Although wizkid actually reported he lost most of his music files when his Mac crashed, he revealed this late last year by posting this on twitter “Woke up mad and tired! My Mac crashed on me and I lost everything! Guess who also lost his back up files? Me!” Wizkid wrote on Instagram, and reported by Pulse.ng but it would be expected that a top ranking music Star like Wizkid would have his game rolling by retrieving all his files even if it means contacting Steve Jobs from the dead!!!.

Not allowing that dilema stop him from shining he revealed – last year also -to all through his various media channels, twitter especially (in which at present is numbering into two million followers) that he would be releasing his third studio Album in September. But something dramatic happened to our beloved Wizkid.


He said “celebrated the legend 2face Idibia1 last night! Epic! Made me realize how much I need to fuck the game up! So I’m moving my album to sometime next year!.” Wizkid wrote on Instagram. wow! it was as if 2baba’s 40th Birthday bash poured very cold water on Wizkid face and wiped out the veil from it (Two years old work no do reach, good determination). Yes Wizkid postponed the release date to sometime next Year. Although it is remoured that it has something to do with Davidos releeasing his own album at that time too, but as e kum be none of them release their album. Sad for us but the wait goes on. This was reported by many sites like Notjustok and tooxclusive.



Now as a fun fact this is Wizkid first Album after his exit from the Banky W-led Empire Mates Entertainment. It marks his first studio album under his new imprint, Starboy Entertainment. Check out this quote –

There are lots of joint to expect from this Guy Wizkid and for onething he doesn t disappoint, i am pretty sure you listened to tunes like “Expensive shit” that was a released single from the album, yes i know banging right?

How about Ojuelegba, damn that song makes tears roll down my eyes, thinking the good old days of hustling, but by the way i wonder did Wizkid really hustle on the street, e resemble Boti Die. (Back to Earth) Wizkid Ojuelegba was so hot that Drake and Skepter could stay put on their sit but decided t remix the damn thing, thats how wonderful it is.

Thats not all Wizkid is planning to even make this Ojuelegba thing even hotter, Yes you heard it, i saw it.. Check this from NaijaCnn (Yes Naija get their Cnn) “The new album will contain a remix of his hit single ‘Ojuelegba’. It is unclear which version of the single will make the cut, but it is highly probable that the Drake and Skepta version will get the nod.” So you no dey wait in vane.

Also Wizkid has revealed notable collaborations with hot notch, Chris Brown would have his place on the album with the tune, Wikipedia reports “He revealed his collaborative single with Chris Brown titled “African Bad Girl”, and said that it would be the lead single off the upcoming album. In April 2015, both Wizkid and Chris Brown performed the song together at the latter’s concert in Durban, South Africa.”

You also have nice appearances Double Grammy winner , Angelique Kidjo will also guest on the album. Wizkid is not tiring even wants to feature popular comedian on the album see post on Jaguda.com and tweet below

Even Wizkid Wife- sorry girlfriend- (Tania Omotayo) would have a shot on the album, no she wont be singing silly, but Tania would be the lead vixen in the visual of the forthcoming single ‘Sade’. A large number of producers to put a print on the album, confirmed names from the cut will include Sarz, Legendury Beatz, and Maleek Berry. Yea what do you expect the guy is crazily ric, muically and monically.

Yes Do you agree with me now that Wizkid Sound from the Other Side is worth the wait? you to pray for this Album to Drop Why?


Because of this –

Yes Wizkid is also a humanitarian, two Gboza for the boss…

In all, everything having be said, the conclusion of the matter is that Wizkid Album is a bomb shell, and its impact would be stronger than Boko Haram, or even ISIS, (what are you telling these dudes would even dance to it rhythm) and would be drop soon, so my advice Wait!, Wait!!, Wait!!1, and if need be Wait some more..

We are deeply poised to wait for Wizkids album, since davido just released his

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Finally Wizkid set to release his album SFTOS June 9, 2017, anticipate. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (born 16 July 1990), better known by his stage name Wizkid, has been a household name, damn even my one year old baby starting speaking with the word 'Wizkid' in his mouth, yes that's how...