RED BLOOD CELLS (10 important things you never knew about them)

The Red Blood Cells1. It gives blood its red colour, that something you already know right.

2. Do you know the Hemoglobin molecule contains about 10,000 hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur atoms. plus four heavier atoms of iron

3. The red blood cells is manufactured in the bone marrow

4. Every Cell In your body Circulates over 100,000 times through your heart and body.

5. Red Blood Cells has no nucleus. this gives them more space to carry oxygen and makes them lighter

6. Red Blood cells live for only 120 days

7. Yes your red blood cells becomes food for the white blood cells, but the iron contained in them are spit out

8. The bulding blocks of red blood cells are Iron, so when the irons are spit out, the scarce iron atoms attach themselves to transport molecules thats takes them to the bone marrow to be used in the manufacture of new red cells.

9. The Bone marrrow produces two to three million red blood cells into the bloodstream every second

10. If your trillions of red bloodcells stop functioning, you die in minutes.

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