How to Find Happiness (9 Things You Can Do Today)

Have a tested a good meal from a good cook, indeed you have, you might even be the cook. You would agree that such meals don’t just come out the blue; they were backed with a good recipe. That’s exactly similar to Happiness to happiness, it’s a combination of various factors such as Work, Play, Time with family and friends and spiritual activities. But there are also more subtle factors, such as attitudes, desires and goals. But then here are 9 things you can do to get Happiness, however elusive it might be.

how to be happy

how to be happy

1. Be Generous and Work for the good of others

Giving brings happiness, it helps become not self-centered but interested in others, we can give of our material things but importantly there are things we can give that are unquantifiable such as our Time and Energy this are more appreciated especially in the family. Husbands and Wives can spend time together to make their family happy and stronger; parents can also show affection for their child by making out time for them, talking to them and teaching them. When family members make out time for their families they thrive to make their homes a haven of happiness.

2. Be Thankful and count your blessings

We need to also make it our aim to be thankful to those that extends generosity towards us, we need to be willing to say thank you. Showing gratitude also raises our awareness of the things that happens to us. Showing gratitude helps us to also increase our satisfaction in life. No matter what your situation is also learn to count your blessings.

3. Being Content and avoiding the love of money

Yes indeed contentment is very important, when we are content we avoid the urge to borrow money, which can lead to great sadness. Contentment can be achieved by focusing on your need and not your wants. This requires ability and simple eyes to know what you don’t, so the next you go shopping or develop a desire ask your self is this what I really need?

find happiness

4. Find Pleasure, but not too much

We need not get addicted to pleasure, pleasure and recreation has its place, but we shouldn’t be blinded by the façade of always looking for fun, this is not healthy and it does the opposite of bringing happiness, there are far better things one can do to bring happiness, just read on and find the magic within

5. Have a Forgiving Spirit

It is said that, a person who forgives not only make the Other Person Relieved, but also removes burden from him-self. Being unforgiving can undoubtedly lead to unhappiness, it’s like carrying a heavy stone on your back and expecting walk far. That’s obviously impossible, when you forgive, you get and inner peace that results in finding happiness, indeed this can only be felt only through practice, so try this and see for yourself, find the true happiness within.

6. Choose your Associates wisely

There is no way we can minimize the influence, our associates can have on us, it is said that when a goat starts walking with a dog it too will eat excrete (African Proverb). Yes if we associate with those whose heart is filled with hatred and bitterness, we too would have such traits in us. A Bible scholar Adam Clarke notes: “To walk with a person implies love and attachment; and it is impossible not to imitate those we love. So we say, ‘Show me his company, and I’ll tell you the man.’ Let me know the company he keeps, and I shall easily guess his moral character.” So sit back and think through your associates, take the right step choose those that makes you laugh, that would uplift you when you are down, make you smile when you want to cry, and help you find happiness when it seems elusive.

7. Take care of your body and shun bad habits

This implies avoiding addictive behaviors that are known to be harmful to physical and mental health. I mean what makes the street dude so aggressive? What makes the addict depress all the time? Yes drug reduces the quality of our lives and causes us to become unhappy. So to find happiness, stop smoking, watching porn, stop that drug, and instead enjoy nature, take a stroll in the garden and walk on the beach ground

8. Be spiritual

Yes spirituality gives us happiness, having a sense of belonging, knowing that there is a supernatural being who cares and loves you would indeed bring you much joy and happiness, so pick up that bible, ready, meditate and obey.

Happiness is not elusive, it is possible to be found, and with honest effort learning how to find happiness wouldn’t be had, and it is not far fetch, this are actions you can take today and apply, yes start TODAY

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