HOW TO EXERCISE THE BRAIN (7 Things you can do)

Steps to exercise the brain

The brain that big creamy culoured organ, resting inside your head. It is considered the power house of all things human. It is the source of your actions, the reason why you think what you think, the reason why you act the way you do, it’s also the reason why you fail at an exam. Have you stood still trying hard to remember some word or phrase that’s important to you at that point in time but still couldn’t? Yes you identify, you see just like muscles the Brain needs to be exercised to bring out its full capacity, that doesn’t mean carrying weights on your head, or breaking your skull pulling out your brain and rolling it on the ground for some form of exercise, you’ll be dead before you can even do that. So the question is what can you do to exercise your brain, we’ve come up with a few things you can do, actually 7 things you can do to exercise your brain.

How to exercise Your Brain (Steps)
You see the brain needs to be exercise in its own environment of work, that use its function in its exercise, so here’s what you can do.

1. Learn new stuffs
Develop an interest in things areas, art, and sculpture or word games. Yes this involves visiting new areas, not just visiting but observing, observing things from such areas you haven’t really seen before. Smell the air around and try to decipher its fragrance. Visit an art shop, observe an appreciate art works, you help your brain a lot by just standing and looking at some drawing or painting on the wall, learn why you appreciate such painting. Word games, puzzles, jigsaw, no doubt this would help maximize your brain power and make it sharper, try your hands on a few.

2. Sharpen your mind with conversation.
Socialize with people, a variety of people, ask questions, get to know them better, their culture, their recipes, you could even take down a bunch of recipes and try them on your own adding some twist. That simply shows a challenge to your brain, trying to something new. Make it an effort to make new friends and converse with them to avoid monotony.
conversation exercise the brain


3. Be Spiritual.
Umm yeah!, Prayer builds your brain, that sense of having a supernatural being watching over you builds your spirituality, a page in the holy book reads “Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let your petitions be made known to God; and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4:6,7

4. Read and Share.
Read appropriate material, emphasized “Appropriate Materials”, this could be a magazine, an article online, your text book, that interesting novel. Reading alone is a form of exercise, studies suggest that reading makes use all your mental capacity. So make it an habit to read appropriate materials, while on in the bus station or inside the train, anywhere, read to exercise your brain and improve your mental ability.daily-brain-exercise-feature

5. Exercise Your Short and Long Term Memory

For an overall improvement of the brain it would make more sense if the brain can be exercised by recalling and relating news items from radio or TV newscasts. This implies you listening to TV programs especially news program and trying your best to recall main topics discussed and express this in details, this would really improve your brain and mental capacity.


6. Be Ambivalent
Heard that word before, this implies using more than one part of your body, that is using your recessive body parts to do things in which normally your dominant body parts does. This can either be handling the knife with your left hand if you are right-handed, or vice-versa, you can also do this by operating the TV remote control with the same hand, brush your teeth, or use the telephone, this would is one healthy exercise for the brain.

7. Use all your senses
We have five senses all controlled by the brain, so the more active this are the more active your brain is, so try as much as possible to use your senses as much as possible through the day, this include your sense of smell, taste, sight, touch.. What’s the last? Well whatever the last is, just exercise this, smell new things, taste the chef recipes, see new things and smell fresh fragrances that way you are exercising the brain.
Just as Physical exercise Strengthens a muscle, mental training conditions the brain. To stimulate the brain we need to do new things. The above are some ways to establish and strengthen brain-cell connections.