HOW TO CARE FOR ELDERLY PARENTS (7 Things you can do Today)

Life They say is in cycles, your beloved old parents cared for you while you were young, they took you in, fed you in the stomach, changed your diapers when you still a baby. But now you all grown up an adult, but them all fragile and always needing help, now its your turn to care for your elderly parent. The best we can do for them is to reciprocate such love and care our parents had for us when we were helpless, so here’s a few thing we can do to care for our elderly parents.

1. Preserve Their Dignity
Parents get annoying as they grow older, they begin to do some annoying stuff. This could being sturbon to take drugs, or nagging too much, or just trying to control you as if you are the same old baby they have. Indeed this can burst the anger bottle within you, but even as you want to unleash remember they were once this young smart, hardworking, solution-finding parent, so remember such and dignify them, well sometimes you might need to yell, but in all threat then with respect, give them some privacy and allow them do things they would really love to themselves. Appeal to your mom and dad, and watch them come to life.

Care for elderly parents
2. Listen Carefully
Many times your parents spend the whole afternoon all by themselves, especially when they are in a care giving home. Definitely they would have a lot to say, one thing you can do for them is to listen, and listen carefully, sometimes not to reply but just to listen and show you care about whatever they are saying. This involve you laughing when they laugh and just ask questions to show you are following.

3. Show Empathy
Even when you can’t understand what they feel, try to show empathy and compassion to them. This can be done when you listen to them carefully, and give them practical assistance daily. Touching and them and reassuring them you love them would go a long way into showing that you care for them.

Senior woman gets a kiss from her loving adult son who has come to visit her in the nursing home.

4. Be Ready to give encouragement
Even when we are young we feel very discourage when there are some things we just can’t do, that’s exactly how our older parents feel and even more, you should keep a keen eye on them and be ready to discern when they need encouragement, when they need someone to cheer them up, remind them of funny things they used to say or do. Help them see that they are loved play with and bring them up, doing such shows care for our elderly parents.

5. Include them in your Activities
Though they’re old fashioned, they do have a place in recreation therefore we show for our elderly parents when we involve them in our activities, they can add some spice to your activity, so be ready to involve them in whatever you do, you could take them to the beach, take your child to them for visiting, take them to the mall, shopping or even to work if that’s okay by you or you are self-employed. So always remember to be hospitable to them.

Caring for elderly parents

6. Offer Practical Assistance
This involve going on errands for them, within and outside the house for them, turning on the TV or making meals for them while they watch the TV, You can think of little ways to show and give them assistance.

7. Be Patient and Long Suffering
Taking care of our elderly parents is not an easy task to perform, it requires much effort and above all it requires patients, you have to control your anger, force that smile out of your face and sometimes overlook their irritating statements and attitudes.
By caring for our older ones we show appreciation for them, and reciprocate such actions of love they had for us when we were way younger and helpless. If you benefitted from this article please SHARE